Our case study was implemented in two privet schools in Amman (al-Rudwan National schools, Mayar International school),also in two Arabic language classes in amideast Jordan. First the Flipped Learning concept was introduced for all teachers, they had a training on planing a flipped lesson, implementing, differentiating teaching and learning with F.L., making assessment more helpful in giving students feedback, and how to use different technological tools and soft wares to make good and interesting videos. Teachers who taught different subjects(Arabic and English languages,Science, Math ) carried out some of their lessons in F.L. method. Me and supervisors from the educational institutes were working with teachers to give them support and to help them in planing and implementing their lessons, also giving them feedback about their practices inside the classroom. Different tools were designed to assess the experiment which dealt with teachers, students, parents and supervisors. The results were very encouraging and promising, we mention some: *students assured that they learnt better this way,they enjoyed the videos their teachers made and they could see them more than once and it was more fun and engaging in the classroom. *teachers assured that their students were more active in participating in the activities they designed, they now: have more time to deliver support for those who needed it, assess their students learning more effectively and give them proper feedback, they were very satisfied with their completion of the subject they have to deliver for students without delay. What mostly they liked tabout F.L.that it enabled empowerment the 21century students' skills such as group work, problem solving... *supervisors assured this experiment was a real professional development for teachers. *parents were happy with their children engagement, and the F.L. made it easier for them with the homework issues.

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