Victoria EdTech Summit: Meet the exhibitors - Didasko

Didasko was founded in 1997 and is a wholly owned Australian digital education services group dedicated to enabling ‘better ways of online learning’.

Tell us about the company 

Didasko was founded in 1997 and is a wholly owned Australian digital education services group dedicated to enabling ‘better ways of online learning’. We are excited by the opportunity to support universities and colleges globally in the development and delivery of their digital education solution(s). We are highly respected as leaders in the development of quality multimedia content. Our comprehensive capability is underpinned by a significant investment in live, integrated, scalable systems, which has uniquely positioned Didasko for the future of learning automation and AI.

What initiatives are you working on currently  

Didasko has been producing award winning multimedia eBooks as part of its end-to-end OPM solution for its university partners for some time. Now, these outstanding resources are available for education providers globally. An extensive library of over 140+ titles can be easily outputted for easy integration to any LMS (learning management system) via multiple options.

What are the benefits for educational establishments using your product/s 

The benefits in using these multimedia eBooks are significant:

  • Utilising the very latest multimedia learning techniques including 3D simulations, gamification, videos, quizzes – student engagement is enhanced by over 30%. This results in improved success levels, and enhanced retention.
  • Improved student satisfaction scores
  • Significant cost efficiencies as the high-quality content can be integrated at speed

What products/solutions are best suited for teachers/academics (schools or universities)? How will these products/solutions help educators become more effective? 

  • The multimedia eBooks are adaptable across all delivery modalities, including blended learning and full online
  • The multimedia tackles the industry wide trend in falling prescribed text ebook open rates. Higher student engagement levels are linked to dynamic, rich media content.
  • The fully developed eBooks allow teachers/academics to do what they do best…teach. There are no time demands on academics developing resources, as the multimedia eBooks embrace all the content that is needed and deliver the learning to the student in a manner that is engaging and intuitive.

How has the current pandemic affected how you operate / what have you had to change? What lessons did you learn? 

As an experienced Edtech company, Didasko was well positioned to cope with the pandemic. Our focus is on delivering outstanding online solutions & products – just like the Multimedia eBooks. As education providers desperately needed to move to an online solution to cope with the closed borders restricting international students from travel, Didasko was well positioned to be their outsourced solution.

The only changes that we needed to make were:

  • our academics delivered their student support from home (many have actually enjoyed this new concept)
  • our content development team needed to spend many hours collaborating on zoom calls to ensure that the creative development was not compromised
  • and we needed to be very mindful that the business culture did not slip while staff operated remotely. Didasko is proud of its culture and the way staff unite together. Extra care and focus on this aspect has ensured it’s business as normal.

What do you think the top Edtech trends do you see emerging this year 

  • We feel that education providers are adjusting their teaching models to ensure that blended learning is more heavily integrated. In many cases, this means that online digital resources needs to play a significant role. Not all learning providers are equipped to develop these assets and we are seeing continued interest in the solutions and products that Didasko can provide as a committed partner.
  • There is greater focus on employment outcomes with a strong industry application. Content needs to be current, relevant and built in a format that students find approachable and relatable.

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