Inspiring The Next Generation Of Global Citizens

Inspiring The Next Generation Of Global Citizens

The news overrun by climate change related issues, but many children see the impact firsthand. Be that overly warm summers or extreme weather conditions like flooding.

Teachers are in a unique position to educate, prepare, and inspire upcoming generations of global citizens, and fear must not be the answer. Instead, an appropriate understanding of the problems, a fascination with the solutions, and a deep-rooted love of our wonderful world. However, if you’re a teacher, where do you start? Quite often climate education is pushed aside in the curriculum and bolted on to other lessons.

The solution to our global problems must start with education. We believe that environmental learning needs to be a central and core part of global curricula. Opportunities must be created where children can not only explore nature and the world around them, but ask questions and be inspired by action - their own and that of others. They must feel part of an action-based solution to this crisis we are facing.

This is what we do at Earth Cubs.

Motivated by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, Earth Cubs was created to support primary schools to inspire young children aged 3-11 on climate challenges, sustainability, and the environment - positively preparing them for their sustainable future.

These tricky subjects must however be taught confidently and positively in order to mitigate the rising tide of eco-anxiety. Earth Cubs CPD teacher training has been built to offer teachers inspiration and guidance for bringing sustainability and environmental learning into their schools effectively, whilst aligning, where possible, to mandated curricula. All modules are bite-sized and designed specifically to fit into a busy teacher schedule!

Interactive teaching resources cater for all needs with fun and vibrant presentations and awesome activities. Character led videos bring environmental learning to life with a funny and informative narrative.

The Earth Cubs app uses gaming and storytelling to support children to make their own learning pathways and learn about environments, their cultures, their issues, and solutions. Progress in the app also protects real trees in the real world, making it gaming that saves the planet! The app is free for all to download and use on iOS and Android.

Importantly, we are also partnered with Eco-Schools and through curriculum links (step 4 of the 7 steps) support schools on their route to the awesome Eco-Schools Green Flag. 

We currently have almost 4,000 schools using Earth Cubs globally, impacting thousands of children. We have many international schools using Earth Cubs which helps to contribute to our truly global footprint. If you’re interested in finding out more please visit and please book a demo.

Written by: Toby Hunt, CEO, Earth Cubs