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musical notes

The Importance of Music and Arts in Education

Education is evolving and Creative Arts have become a strong part of schools’ curriculum. Some might still ask, Why Music if I am not going to be a musician? well, it has been proven that music fosters holistic development by enriching cognitive and emotional aspects of our student’s growth. It allows students to express themselves in ways that other subjects might not. It is important to remember that we want to have well-rounded students who will become a valuable member of our society soon.

I asked my students this week “Why music is important?” and the 3 answers that I will see again and again were related to well-being and mental health, the impact on society and creativity.

“It improves our wellbeing…” “… it helps with mental health…” “… Making music together brings communities closer…” or “… it helps keep cultural traditions alive…” “… I can express differently with music…” “I like music because it calms me down…” “ It helps me study…”

As a music teacher, I always have colleagues asking me how I can deal with the “noise” and loudness in the classroom when I have 20+ students playing instruments. Well, it is one of the skills that my students will also develop, being able to focus in a busy and loud environment. It will help them in the future when they have to study for an assessment, or if they have to do a task in a stressful environment.

Music has a very different set-up and approach. For example, our classrooms do not look like “standard” classrooms with tables and chairs, we usually sit on the floor or have keyboards and chairs as well as lots of sets of instruments, practice rooms and spaces that allow students to explore and develop their skills but most important their creativity.

There is a positive correlation between arts education and overall academic performance. Students involved in music and arts activities tend to score higher on standardized tests and display higher success when applying to universities. This is partly due to the discipline and focus that the arts inculcate, which translate into other academic areas.


Written by:  Dr. Sarah Martinez Rebollo,Music teacher NLCS