Developing adaptable and resilient educators in the new Hybrid Learning norm

COVID has shown us that schools can no longer cling to a model that was formed in Victorian England times. E-Learning saw unprecedented change in the way that we design, teach and assess learners.

The future of schooling is not an abstract thought but a reality, and the pace of change requires teachers to be fluid, adaptable and resilient to change. A one size fits all model of professional learning is no longer adequate, Senior Leaders rather need to be transformational in their approach to training staff in the direction that Teaching and Learning will take. This talk will examine the role that digital technology can take in this transformation, and the successes that can come for staff, students and the learning community, when teachers have more agency to choose their own PLD adventure. It will explore ways that leaders can be effective change agents in their schools as they embark upon transforming and facilitating the new hybrid learning norm.

Hilary Hunt, Senior Lead Teaching and Learning-Victoria International School of Sharjah