Keynote: Learning in Virtual Worlds: How AR and VR is Transforming Education in a Global Pandemic

Using augmented and virtual reality during a global health crisis brought profound challenges and creative opportunities.

While students and educators faced significant technology barriers, there were ground-breaking developments in new hardware, apps, and virtual environments for education, collaborative workspaces, and social interaction. The challenges raise many questions: how do we address the stark inequalities of the digital era? How do we protect the virtual spaces of our schools and universities? How do we design compelling virtual learning experiences? But these innovative projects are also roadmaps for our future, revealing new ways to foster scientific literacy, learning in the humanities and creative arts. As UNESCO reminds us, we cannot return to the world as it was before. Let’s explore how AR and VR will transform how we live, learn, and work in the future.

Speaker: Prof. Emory Craig - Cofounder and CEO - Digital Bodies