The Astonishing Power of Inclusion

A discussion between four very different world class practitioner-experts on how inclusion can work.

Sharing lessons and skills from teachers in super-max prisons in the states, children on the edge of incarceration in the UK, children who are deeply psychologically scarred and the most challenging cases for independent schools. This is a totally unique opportunity to really stretch your understanding of what inclusion is and learn from some of the best about what works and what doesn’t. Daniel Sobel is a global leader in Inclusion and he has handpicked this incredible panel. He says this session will challenge, shock and enlighten you.

Chair: Daniel Sobel - Founder & CEO - Inclusion Expert

Speakers: Dr. Heather Olson (She/Her/Hers) - Special Education Teacher - State of Minnesota - Department of Corrections

Louise Dawson Head of Inclusion - GEMS Jumeirah College

Thomas Keaney - CEO and Schools' Proprietor