The Future of Citizenship Alliance Virtual Educa Global Initiative

Intelligent tools. The same tools being used to promote collaborative societies, co-creation of futures, freedom of expression, and participation, are being used to promote disinformation and polarization.

New Challenges. Thriving in the convergence of the multiple health, economic and social crisis, that may lead to increase poverty, social collision, and a decrease in freedom, urgent collaborative awareness actions are required. New frontiers. It´s time to reinvent the notion of citizenship, beyond national borders, granting space for participation, educational reform, and collective action to achieve common wellbeing in society. Path Change. The bearing today points to a future civilization departing on division, dispersion, and manipulation. A global alliance to help find the ways to design better citizenship is now required, taking advantage of digital tools, redirecting educational goals, and learning from the crisis to construct collaborative prosperity.


German Escorcia Saldarriaga, Innovation Director - Virtual Educa Dr.

Jesús Santiago, Professional Development Vice-President - Braxton Puerto Rico Alejandro

Llovet Abascal, Chief Operating and Information Officer - IPADE Business School