The way ahead for the EY sector; global influences on change and their implications for practice

Worldwide the pandemic and the subsequent necessary home schooling focus has raised awareness of the great job that all teachers are doing and the importance for children of going to school.

Parents and societies have realized how fundamental good early years education is not just to children’s wellbeing but also to allow families to function and especially to allow women to work outside the home. With the many increased pressures on early years settings, many practitioner have left the sector at a a time when training numbers are at an all time low. Predictions are that there will be a worldwide shortage of teachers. In the UAE, this has been many challenges to the early years sector due to the pandemic alongside the welcome news that the age of young children entering FS1 in schools has been raised. These changes are all presenting challenges to the early years sector. The panel will discuss the global and local influences to change and discus how the early years sector can emerge stronger and more resilient.


Dr. Sarah Rogers, Founder and CEO, Early Years Educational Services

Courteney Donaldson MRICS, Managing Director - Child Centric Sectors, Christie & Co

Laura Henry-Allain MBE, International Writer, Speaker and Consultant

May Zalat, Centre Manager, The Blossom Nursery