What's next for Virtual Reality in Education?

2020 has seen a global surge in the use of immersive technology in many sectors, from remote meetings and events inside virtual spaces to a rise in virtual reality usage in training. This special panel session was recorded during the GESS Edtech Virtual Summit and features a stellar lineup of global VR education pioneers 

What's next for VR in the education sector? How will schools start to integrate this nascent medium more consistently and build upon increased technology fluency across both staff and student bodies? When is the best time to dive into the world of educational VR and what hardware options are best for schools? 

Steve Bambury, Director, Digital Inception Consulting James McCrary, Immersion Technology Evangelist Sabina Pecoraro, K-12 Educational Technology, Innovation & AI-GEMS Education
Shannon Putman, Virtual Reality Expert Teacher-Creator of the first Virtual Reality Lab in Kentucky
Michael McDonald, Founder and VR Languages Consultant-Gold Lotus Consultancy, Italy