GESS Talks Webinar 3: Staying Fit in Challenging Times: Keep You & Your Student's Mind & Body Active

We discuss how staying active and healthy has become ever more important in the current climate, as routines have broken down sports and fitness has played a role to help to promote self-discipline. What lessons have you learned? what positive steps have you taken when working out at home? How do you think lockdown has altered people’s perceptions of mental and physical wellbeing? What will your approach be going forward in schools – what’s your responsibility to staff and students to support their wellbeing?

Our expert panel will discuss and share their personal experiences and tips to help and also look at what strategies you could put in place if a similar situation presented itself again.

Chaired and moderated by Niall Statham, Head of PE at Hartland International School Dubai and featuring Sam Strickland, Principal at The Duston School UK, Apollo Perelini, High Performance Director at UAE Rugby Federation and Naomi Keighley, Head of Ballet & Events at The Ballet Centre in Dubai.

We'd like to thank our Webinar Sponsors 5 a day Fitness. They were GESS Award WINNERS in 2018 for the BEST PRODUCT TO PROMOTE HEALTH AND FITNESS IN THE CLASSROOM – and they currently are providing socially distanced, in-classroom, 5-minute fun fitness and 2-minute chill-out online follow-along routines that promote physical activity and healthy minds and bodies…… they currently have a free trial available at