How Technology Can Improve Students Wellbeing and Reduce Teacher Workload and Stress

Research shows that at least one in five young people experience anxiety and depression, often related to school. The use of technology in schools to promote wellbeing and performance will improve the student learning experience and shape a new generation of young people who know how to be resilient, motivated, focused and calm.

On the other hand, over a third of education professionals have experienced a mental health issue in the past academic year. Almost half, believe their workplace has a negative impact on their mental health and wellbeing.

Using technology effectively can reduce teacher workloads, minimizing pressures, and make life better by supporting wellbeing, health, and happiness. Although technology alone will not improve education, it can be a very powerful part of the solution. Technology is also uniquely equipped to provide highly personalized support, including wellbeing programs, digital and virtual coaching.

Gilda Scarfe - CEO and Founder, Positive Ed Ltd