Navigating Schools Wellbeing Implementation

Since wellbeing has many facets, improving students’ wellbeing in schools requires a whole-school approach, involving both teachers and parents.

Positive Education has emerged as a as a rapidly growing arm of positive psychology. Positive education is about breaking away from the traditional models of simply preparing and teaching the curriculum by also incorporating teaching students skills to optimise their wellbeing. Positive education is about teaching skills that enable wellbeing and achievement, and it comes without compromise to either. But what are the challenges educators face in implementing wellbeing in schools? How can positive education help in closing the gap between students, teachers and parents?


Dr. Gilda Scarfe - CEO and Founder, Positive Ed

Dr. Mette Ledertoug - Danish School of Education, Educational Psychology

Patricia H. A. Perez, PhD - Associate Professor, International Psychology, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Rosalinda Ballesteros Valdés - Director, Institute for Wellbeing and Happiness, Universidad Tecmilenio

Simona Baciu - Founder, Transylvania College, Romania