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A secure solution to school data integration success

The past 18 months has seen education providers face immense challenges; closures, absences, remote learning, growing division of attainment and a requirement to be versatile and present.

A key enabler in meeting these challenges has been technology. It has become an integral part of learning, communication and administration within all educational institutions.  The best technology has been able to seamlessly integrate with traditional teaching over this period meaning, in the future, educators and pupils can continue to be totally interconnected whilst benefiting from a more personalised education experience.

As education providers (schools, States and Government bodies) become accustomed to this new, technologically integrated, way of teaching, it is becoming increasingly important for them to ensure their choice of technology reflects their future ambitions and requirements. It should be the backbone of their learning, administration and communication, and is required to be available and easily accessible to teachers, staff, students and parents in a way like never before.

Education providers need a technology solution that enables them to focus on what matters most - engaging pupils and enhancing their learning. Using a powerful technology solution that is highly secure yet simple to adopt means time can be better spent doing just that.

At Wonde, we know adopting education technology in schools can be an overwhelming task, but when harnessed properly, it can be a powerful tool that can transform how schools operate. It is our guiding principle to reduce the friction of adoption of technology in schools, and we do this by providing a simple, secure, easy to use platform that has the ability to seamlessly integrate and synchronise data for education providers across the globe.

For every school, having an appropriate Student Information System (SIS) is an essential component to operating efficiently and effectively. However, with schools being some of the most data rich environments within our communities, there has never been greater importance on managing and maintaining that data for the betterment of the learning, administration and communication of every educational institution than there is today.

Schools across the world now use lots of different third party applications. These range from classroom content applications for languages and maths to school administrative applications for parent communications, payments and parent/teacher meetings. For a school to be efficient and not waste valuable time at the start of lessons, all of these third party applications need to be always up to date with the correct student, teacher and parent data inside them.

That’s where Wonde comes in, providing a secure school data integration solution for education providers and government bodies whereby they have full visibility and control of the data they share with third party applications.

Our role as school data integration specialists provides a protective integration layer to over 23,000 education providers across 56 countries.

Our state of the art API securely passes data between a school and its approved third party applications. Schools no longer need to surrender their student’s personal information to ad hoc applications, rather they now have a secure channel to pass accurate data to approved third party applications and have a single-view platform from which to monitor the sharing of that data.

School data changes on a daily basis, sometimes several times a day. Thanks to Wonde’s secure data integration solution, schools no longer need to manually update any changes in each third party application used by the school. Wonde ensures these applications are always up to date, saving the school valuable teaching and administrative time every week.  We provide a single platform where schools and government bodies can control the flow of data in a highly secure way. This not only empowers the schools and government bodies to self-regulate, it gives them the confidence their data is shared with their approved applications with the utmost security.

Great teachers of the future need to be armed with exceptionally precise information about their students so they can be more effective than ever before. Wonde’s school data integration solution enables this to happen - teachers can be more responsive to their student’s specific needs, schools can be more confident in their control and management of data, third-party applications can have access to accurate, timely and relevant data but most importantly, students can benefit from this new hybrid of learning which is more tailored and personalised than it has ever been.

About Wonde

Wonde is a leading provider of a cloud-based school data integration solution that connects educators and pupils with learning applications and classroom tools in a simple and secure way. This ensures learning is supported and enhanced while data is kept accurate and accessible.

Schools across the World are embracing enhanced connectivity using Wondes' technology. With a simple single login, the school data integration solution enables schools to take full control over the management of their data which is protected and updated automatically by Wonde, thereby saving time and reducing potential mistakes and inaccuracies.

The innovative platform enables school administrators to work with total confidence in the security and reliability of the system, while third party applications can be kept up-to-date with all the latest changes made within the MIS. For teachers and pupils, they can focus on enabling their learning journey with independence and enthusiasm.

Wonde’s school data integration solution is used in over 23,000 schools across 56 countries. For more information visit

Wonde is proud to be an official sponsor of GESS Dubai 2021.