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BC Games

BC Games at GESS Dubai 2023

Our company has been successfully implementing the concept of international education for more than 10 years.

We have six campuses, including Cambridge International schools and nurseries. Our international team includes professionals from all over the world. Through complex multilingual approaches, new educational technologies and an atmosphere of care, we form an intellectual and creative personality, laying the foundation for a successful future.

BC Games is our unique project that is based on the importance of play-based learning for preschool and primary school children (4-11 y.o). The play has a natural and positive influence on children’s social, physical, emotional, and cognitive development. The best learning happens when children play. We’ve been working on BC Games for more than 6 years and we have a wealth of expertise in this area.

The additional educational preschool programme «BC Games» has been developed by modern educational approaches. The educational standard conceptualizes a model person as an active creative, flexible, and problem-solving agent who is an expert in their own life and who is capable of using knowledge and skill independently in different situations. «BC Games» is based on the social pedagogical approach which helps to develop soft skills and prepare the child for the academic pathway.

The goal of BC Games is to promote communicative interaction rich in learning opportunities for children in a playful setting. We’d like to set the foundation for the development of critical, social, and emotional knowledge and skills through children's interaction in play-based activity.

BC Games for educational skills

● Developing “4 Cs”: communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking

● Developing cognitive skills: self-regulation, working memory, cognitive flexibility, inhibitory control, problem-solving, risk assessment, autonomous decision-making, metacognition, and learning to learn.

● Playing skills

● Improving cognitive and motor activities

● Developing the ability to establish connections, determine the main idea, analyse, realise the logic of the game.

●    creating positive motivation for learning

BC Games for Cognitive skills

● Development of mental processes

●  Memory, focus, comprehension, thinking, imagination, speech

●  Development of intellectual and creative abilities aimed at the learning process through the game

●  Development of self-control and self-assessment skills

●  Development of creative capacities

●  Development of movement, coordination and orientation in space

●  Development of curiosity as the basis of cognitive activity

●  Development of organisational, attentive, cognitive, emotional, volitional, and communicative abilities

●  Development of prerequisites for learning skills and abilities

●  Development of ideas about the world, broadening the outlook

●  Development of speech based on existing knowledge

●  Form positive self-esteem


BC games for ethical and social skills:

●    Development of teamwork skills ( the system includes individual and team games)

●    Formation of planning, time management, and decision making skills.

●    Ethical capacities: rule-following, learning to lose, respect


BC Games includes:

-   10 different board games (10 copies of each)

-  Teachers’ guide: sets of plans for teachers, suggestions and recommendations.

-   Complex diagnostic system

-   Mobile Application for parents and teachers

-   Competitions guide

-    Marketing set: posters, stickers, souvenirs.

-    Free online support within the first three months.


It can be translated to the language and adapted to the culture of your country or region.

BC Games has been developed by highly qualified teachers (NAEYC members), psychologists, neuropsychologists, methodologists and world-renowned board game designers. It has the highest degree of proven effectiveness supported by 5 years of school-based practice (Cambridge International School, Unesco Associated School).

Learning Outcomes:

●   Build a general awareness and understanding of following instructions

●   Improve maths and problem-solving skills, which will benefit them in just about every area of life

●   Build visual, perceptual, cognitive, communication, and thinking skills, and all the key skills that fall within the literacy bracket.

●   Win and lose graciously

●    Develop resilience

●    Develop dexterity, fine and gross motor skills and good hand-eye coordination

●   Build effective study habits


Financial indexes of the programme:

LTV (lifetime Value) - 5 years

NPS (Net Promoter Score) - 9.7

Average returns - 6 months Now we would like to share our experience with others. Our board games encourage talking, reading, thinking, and writing. They develop memory and dexterity, perseverance and balance, and spatial and motor skills. Through this, children see literacy and numeracy as a part of their playing experience.