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Lessons for Life Edtech

Victoria EdTech Summit: Meet the exhibitors - Lessons For Life International

‘Lessons For Life International’ is an innovative technology and software development company specializing in English language learning solutions.

Tell us about the company 
‘Lessons For Life International’ is an innovative technology and software development company specializing in English language learning solutions. ‘Lessons For Life’ has been at the forefront of interactive software, since it’s establishment in 2007. Our vision? To help students prepare for lifelong success. Over the past 14 years we’ve helped so many people, from individuals to schools, educational departments to governments across the globe: delivering The Complete Set, a comprehensive English course, for all their educational needs. We have set up close to 1,000 teaching labs for different schools and institutions around the world from junior to senior high school and in higher education institutions. We have helped hundreds of thousands of students learn English all around the world. 
Our innovative software ‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set’ is recognized internationally as the complete approach to fluent English. ‘Lessons For Life - English' follows the internationally accepted curricula for teaching English while still using a very natural learning method. It is an interactive software that students are excited to use.   
Lessons For Life offers English language learning solutions customized for Arabic Speakers. Our innovative software offers full Arabic language support to make learning as easy as possible for Arabic speakers. 
Now, we’re introducing an additional new service called One-on-one platform. We want to accelerate the learning of conversational English by delivering one-to-one video chat lessons to help students practice their conversation skills with native teachers from US, UK, Australia, and more.   Live one-to-one lessons can be customized to individuals’ goals, learning style, and proficiency level to help them learn English faster.   
Lessons For Life – English is perfect for personal, educational, or business use.   

 What initiatives are you working on currently   
Every day, our devoted team of researchers and producers work hard to bring you the most cutting-edge and exciting English language-learning tools. We listen to our customers and take their suggestions on board. Plus, by monitoring test results we continuously improve our products. Every day we are working towards enhancing our offering, to provide users with the best English language software on the market. 
Every language learner is different: struggling with different skills, preferring different learning styles and requiring a different pace. The ‘Complete Set’ accommodates for all of these needs and allows each student to travel at their own speed and focus on the skills that they want to improve. We are working on enhancing customization of our software for specific language groups to help students learn English more efficiently.  
Just released the latest version of our customized software for Arabic Speakers  in 2021. 
‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers’ offers all the wonderful features that you get with ‘Lessons For Life – English: The Complete Set’, with the added bonus of full Arabic language support. Full Arabic translations are embedded within the interactive software for every single unit. This feature can be turned on or off depending on your ability and needs, meaning that it won’t affect your learning process. We see it as a security blanket: facilitating your learning, without interference or disruption. Arabic Audio assistance is also available in selected units. ‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers’ is the perfect way for Arabic speakers to learn English as quickly and easily as possible. 

One-on-one platform ……PRACTICE your English with our native teachers.    

We have been working and designing our one-on-one platform to help students speak English more fluently. Our philosophy? Practice makes perfect, so native teachers from the US, UK and Australia are available for one-to-one sessions to practice conversational English, and enhance your learning journey. Live one-on-one lessons can be customized to individuals’ goals, learning style, and proficiency level to help them learn English faster.   

What are the benefits for educational establishments using your product/s 
Lessons For Life makes English language learning fun and easy in the classroom.   
‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers’ will take classroom time to the next level and can be easily integrated into your existing curriculum or used as an extra resource.  There are so many ways for teachers to utilise our comprehensive, innovative technology. It was developed by an industry trailblazer with almost two decades of proven education results, preparing users for success in the increasingly English speaking world. 

You have the chance to offer your students a fully immersive language learning experience, so they can learn English in the most natural way. We cover most CEFR levels, and all essential skills. Plus, our content is enhanced by the innovative design for optimum student engagement - the perfect environment for effective and efficient language learning.  

Whether you choose to use our learning path, designing your own, or giving students free reign to explore the program in their own time – there are endless options. However you decide to use it, you can be confident that ‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers’ will take your students to the next level. 


‘Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers’ offers:

  • Full interactive Arabic language support  
  • Covers all CEFR levels A1, A2, B1, B2, and significant portion of C1 and C2.
  • Covers all essential skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. 
  • Learn like a native with fully immersive language software. 
  • Its innovative design keeps students engaged at an optimum level to facilitate effective language learning. 

What sets ‘Lessons for Life – English: The Complete Set’ apart  

  • Develops speaking fluency: ‘The Complete Set’ is designed to improve your student’s speaking fluency giving them a competitive edge. 
  • Designed by an industry trailblazer: ‘Lessons For Life’ has almost two decades of proven results within the interactive English world.
  • Natural: learn English in the same way that you learned your native language: by watching, listening, and repeating. 
  • Self-Paced: learn English conveniently, at whatever pace you find comfortable from your home, school, or office. 
  • Fun and Easy to Use: ‘Lessons For Life’ is packed full of engaging content, ensuring that you never lose your motivation.  
  • Active rather than passive: learners are much more likely to remember material when they actively engage with it. Our courses guide learners to think deeply, rather than superficially, about the concepts which they are learning. 
  • Guides you all the way to proficiency: attaining proficiency in English requires a lot of hard work and practise. We have designed a course that will guide you all the way there and keep you engaged throughout.   
  • Prepare Students for Success:  Lessons For Life provides comprehensive English language solutions that enable teachers to utilize technology to maximize learning outcomes.  
  • Puts schools in control: Lessons For Life – ENGLISH can be used as a standalone course, or it can be easily integrated into an existing language curriculum. 
  • Flexible learning path:  Teachers can follow our plan, during lessons, or allow students to explore the program in their own time. 
  • User friendly interface: ‘Lessons For Life – English’ offers a clear, simple and intuitive interface, which means that even the most technologically nervous person will find it incredibly easy to use.  

What products/solutions are best suited for teachers/academics (schools or universities)? How will these products/solutions help educators become more effective? 
Lessons For Life – ENGLISH: The Complete Set for Arabic Speakers offers full Arabic language support to help students to move through the most challenging sections with ease and help them learn English more effectively and efficiently. Lessons For Life - English software develops the specific skills needed to succeed in learning English: reading, writing, listening, speaking, vocabulary, grammar, and culture, with an emphasis on speaking. Our software is tailored to international standards, such as TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS, and is ideal to complement an existing curriculum or for independent learning.  
Schools can also purchase bulk student academic licenses to give every individual student a copy of the software on their own devices, so that they can learn and practice English any time, anywhere.  
PRACTICE your English with our native teachers.  
Live one-on-one lessons are customized to your goals, learning style, and proficiency level.  One-on-one video chat allows learners to build their English proficiency and confidence levels through real-time conversations with native teachers from the US, UK, Australia, and more.  Schools are also able to complement their English classes with our native teachers allowing each and every student to engage in practical conversations to build confidence and encourage enthusiasm for learning. 
How has the current pandemic affected how you operate / what have you had to change? What lessons did you learn?  
One thing has become clear over the past year: work has changed for most businesses, forever. Businesses and professionals have been tested and forced to adapt to stay relevant, and to survive challenging conditions. Remote working has become an essential aspect of any business model for both, businesses and educational institutions. As challenging as it has been, businesses have also experienced the benefits of operating remotely.  We’ve learned that we can live and work from anywhere and still maintain efficiency.  

This pandemic has not affected how we operate as a company. Lessons For Life International was one of the very early adopters of remote working since 2007.  When started our journey, our goal was to provide the best global educational software products – so we’ve set our sites on global talent from the outset. Tracking down the best talent from around the globe was challenging. These professionals include educational researchers, academics, teachers, content writers, translators, programmers, editors, voice overs, animators, testers, and many more. We have always thought outside of the box, to empower our employees to work strategically and efficiently to produce content of the highest standard. We have been successfully operating remotely since the beginning, and continue to produce the best English language software to assist students, schools, and businesses around the world to learn English. 
This pandemic solidified our beliefs and principles … that embracing technology and setting a vision for the future allows us to prosper and serve our clients more effectively.  

What do you think the top Edtech trends do you see emerging this year 
DISTANCE LEARNING is the biggest trend emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Distance learning will stay with us. Students now have to get used to distance learning via digital platforms. There will be a strong focus on connectivity, versatility, and student-centered learning going forward.  
Strong and reliable Internet connectivity around the world still poses challenges for many learners. There’s a demand for digital download products to enable students to have a copy of the program on their own device allowing for offline use any time, anywhere. 
Customizable learning products will be in demand in the new environment of distance learning. Students are no longer passive learners, they are able to choose what they need to learn as well as when and where they do so. Customizable learning products and platforms put the student at the center of their learning will be the future of education.   

IMMERSIVE LEARNING using Virtual and Augmented reality (VR/AR) makes education more engaging, and exciting, by changing the role of the student.  The student turns from passive observer to an active participant who can interact within the immersive learning environment.  
GAMIFICATION keeps students actively engaged in the learning process, by making it exciting. Some students struggle with traditional study methods, whereas playing a game is easy and interesting and can access learners in a new way. Gamification is not a game pattern only, but a new set of exciting tools that allow the education process to be more diverse, entertaining, and motivating. 

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