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Pivot Edtech

Victoria EdTech Summit: Meet the exhibitors - Pivot Professional Learning

Pivot Professional Learning is the feedback platform for schools. Here's a quick Q+A for you to get to know them a little better. 

Tell us about the company 

Pivot Professional Learning is the feedback platform for schools. Pivot collects feedback across a school or educational system, to then provide evidence-based insights into student wellbeing and classroom and leadership practices. Pivot gives a voice to students whilst supporting educators to create an environment where learning can thrive. 

Within the Pivot Platform we have a range of evidence-based feedback tools that support teaching practice, student wellbeing and leadership development. These include the Student Perception Survey on Teaching Effectiveness, the Wellbeing for Learning Survey, Pulse Check for formative check-ins, 360 Degree Surveys for Leaders, an Observation and Goal Setting tool, plus resources to direct next-day improvement.  

What initiatives are you working on currently 

Pivot is currently building a Wellbeing for Learning tool. This tool stands out from the competition because it is built on the basis of research. In 2020, Pivot commissioned a literature review on wellbeing and the key wellbeing contributors to a student's ability to learn within the classroom. From these findings Pivot is creating a tool that allows schools to monitor and track student wellbeing over time, providing the insight so often sought after by teachers, as well as student-led interventions.  

With the Wellbeing for Learning tool, students complete a one-minute, weekly survey that includes 5 questions. One question on wellbeing, one question from each wellbeing domain (belonging, resilience and safety) and one question on a protective behaviour. Teachers receive anonymous, real-time class analysis and school leaders receive school-wide data to track wellbeing trends over time. Teachers and school leaders are also provided with evidence-based resources to support student wellbeing at all levels.  

What are the benefits for educational establishments using your product/s 

Pivot provides schools and education systems with detailed analysis of what teaching and leadership practices are working and what areas need improvement. All Pivot products take a strengths-based approach to improvement and are in alignment with global teaching frameworks.  
The great thing about Pivot is we give a voice to your students. Our tools provide a safe and structured way for students to give meaningful feedback to staff on classroom practices that make the biggest difference to how they learn. It doesn't just stop there, we also provide comprehensive resources and guidance to teachers on how to improve their teaching practice, as well as strategies to create a more structured co-learning environment.  

Pivot works closely with many educational systems, including Government Departments, Catholic Diocese and Independent Associations. Pivot is able to provide insights to whole systems, through our cluster reporting and analysis, that can be aggregated across multiple schools, departments and year levels.  

Pivot has a strong customer service approach, with dedicated Account Managers allocated to a portfolio of schools. Value-add services such as data-coaching calls, collaborative professional learning workshops and a large range of engaging video content, all help schools improve their holistic learning learning environment.  

What products/solutions are best suited for teachers/academics (schools or universities)? How will these products/solutions help educators become more effective? 

Pivot’s Student Perception Survey on Teaching Effectiveness is a great tool for teachers and school leaders to gain insight into the practices that are working well, and those that need improvement. This 25 question survey is aligned with global teaching frameworks so feedback is tied back in a way that can inform meaningful change.   

The Wellbeing for Learning tool allows schools and teachers to measure and track student wellbeing over time. This 1-minute, once a week check-in gives educators insight into the key factors of wellbeing that contribute to a students ability to learn. With these insights educators can identify at-risk students and support their student body towards developing positive wellbeing habits.  

Pivot’s 360 Degree Surveys for Leaders is a great tool for leaders and emerging leaders to improve their leadership practice. Research has shown that observations are a great way for formulating development pathways. Those who participate in a 360 Degree Survey receive peer observations, self reflection strategies and a clear direction for growth.  

Pivot’s Pulse Check survey tool is a fast and effective way for teachers to gather immediate feedback from students, parents and colleagues. Completely customisable, educators can craft short surveys of their own or incorporate questions from our extensive questions bank that supports creative thinking, remote learning, wellbeing and more. 

How has the current pandemic affected how you operate / what have you had to change? What lessons did you learn? 

Pivot Professional Learning made a significant effort to support schools and families in the shift to remote and flexible learning in 2020. We provided over twenty-five free resources for school leaders, teachers, parents and students on how to best support students during this transition.  

Pivot also released a Distance Learning Survey on Teaching and Learning. This tool was designed to provide teachers with a clear line of sight on how effective their online teaching practices are for their students. It also provides teachers with a series of supportive resources, so they can adjust their online practices the very next day.  

We also released a range of additional questions banks for our Pulse Check survey tool. Pivot’s Pulse Check survey tool is a customisable, formative survey tool that allows schools to gather immediate feedback from students, teachers and families. During the pandemic, Pivot released a series of remote learning, returning to school and wellbeing question banks to guide the feedback schools needed the most, in an effective way.  

During the course of 2020, Pivot conducted a series of surveys and released two whitepapers on the impact of COVID-19 on Australian and New Zealand education. The findings of this research have been sited in several academic journals, shared across national media outlets and informed a house of representatives sitting on education.  

What do you think the top Edtech trends do you see emerging this year?

The greatest area of investment within the Edtech space this year will be in wellbeing and flexible learning solutions. 2020 exposed global education systems that were ill equipped to support remote and flexible learning arrangements for all students.  

As our research has shown, wellbeing is also a leading concern for students in 2021. Student wellbeing management systems will be the next top trend as schools and systems rally to support the most disrupted and shaken cohort of students ever seen.

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