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Victoria EdTech Summit: Meet the exhibitors - Vivi

Vivi is the only scalable, easy-to-use wireless screen sharing and student engagement solution engineered for, and by, the education sector.


Tell us about the company 

Vivi is the only scalable, easy-to-use wireless screen sharing and student engagement solution engineered for, and by, the education sector. We help ICT help teachers help students with classroom technology that enhances collaboration, control, and creativity.

What initiatives are you working on currently  

Vivi is working with over 850 schools around the world to safely return to in-person instruction from remote learning environments, to address learning loss by enhancing collaboration and driving student engagement, and to deliver hybrid learning capabilities with video conferencing integration.

What are the benefits for educational establishments using your product/s 

In a Vivi-enabled classroom, teachers can roam and engage with students from anywhere, enhancing engagement and collaboration. Students can seamlessly share their work (with teacher permission), prompting immediate feedback and supporting reinforced learning objectives while increasing student confidence. The school’s technology department can centrally manage every display in the school and measure student participation and engagement levels.

Vivi helps enhance learning by; 

  • Improving teacher productivity in the classroom by up to 10%,
  • Encouraging and improving student centered learning, and
  • Significantly improving classroom communication and notification.

In addition, for IT Administrators Vivi:

  • Reduces IT helpdesk support tickets and issues by 5%,
  • Reduces classroom cable and AV infrastructure expenditure by up to 20%,
  • Supports 100% of all student and teacher devices and displays, and
  • Provides complete visibility and control on user adoption and utilization.

What products/solutions are best suited for teachers/academics (schools or universities)? How will these products/solutions help educators become more effective? 

Vivi helps educators by allowing any teacher to walk into any classroom using any device, ready to show any media type, and connect to any display, all to encourage collaborative and flexible learning environments. The teacher Is untethered from the front of the classroom and is free to roam around the room, engaging every student, while controlling the classroom display.

Vivi's features specifically designed for teachers and academics Include:

Direct video play - Queue videos, build a playlist and enjoy smooth, lag-free videos while controlling the play from anywhere in the classroom. 
Pause screen - The teacher can pause their screen share while sharing content with the class, to work on side tasks such as roll call or emails. 
Student capture and annotation - Screenshot and annotate over any content shared to the classroom display, to make notes to save and refer to later.
Real time feedback - Initiate assessments, collect feedback and poll the students at any time to measure engagement and determine comprehension. 
Student wellness - solicit wellbeing feedback that Is discreet and confidential, using emoji-based responses.

How has the current pandemic affected how you operate / what have you had to change? What lessons did you learn? 

In response to the changing needs of educators globally, our product roadmap has been dominated by feature releases driven by the challenges COVID has created for our customers.

Vivi’s Wireless Screen Sharing solution allows students to share their screen without leaving their seat, nor having to touch the classroom display. This helps maintain physical distancing, limiting mixing and sharing of objects between students to minimise the risk of COVID infection.

By using Vivi’s Combine Rooms Feature, schools are able to physically distance students by spreading one class of students across multiple rooms. Vivi connects any device with any displays in those classrooms to provide the same learning content across each room.

Vivi’s Digital and Classroom Signage helps schools effectively communicate health-related messages straight into classrooms and to highly visible locations. Everyday protective measures can be promoted consistently to help stop the spread of germs.

Vivi’s Live Broadcast means that important announcements can be live streamed into every classroom from a webcam or cell phone, keeping the school community motivated, informed and connected without the need for students and faculty to gather in large group assemblies.

What do you think the top Edtech trends do you see emerging this year 

Greater equity of education
Remote learning has fast tracked the need for a 1:1 student device ratio, which in turn has led to schools needing to improve their networks and upskill their instructional staff to deliver digital learning environments. The acceleration of technology adoption across public sector education will see the technological divide between public and private education start to close. With tools, resources, content, and peer-to-peer learning readily available online, a whole new world will now be accessible to these students from anywhere at any time.

Hybrid learning here to stay
Although many educators found remote learning challenging and were keen to return to in-person instruction, the forward-thinking schools will now be putting in place a more robust, longer term hybrid model. Webcams set up in classrooms, lapel mics for teachers and a wireless screen sharing/video conference integration mean external presenters, remote learners and international students can all be a part of a smooth, seamless cross-platform learning environment.

A (technology enabled) 'Social classroom'
Collaborative learning environments are not a new trend, but accelerated adoption of technology post-COVID will drive an even bigger leap forward this year. Deeper interactions, sharing and socializing ideas, engaging with students and educators from across the room and around the globe will all play a fundamental role in a student's discovery and exploration of concepts. The social classroom will connect students with students, students with teachers and teachers with teachers, leveraging social media principles to create a dynamic learning ecosystem.

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