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Webinar 15: Key Strategies for Preventing Burnout in Educators and Students: A Comprehensive Guide to Well-being

Webinar 15: Key Strategies for Preventing Burnout in Educators and Students: A Comprehensive Guide to Well-being

Join us for an interesting discussion on preventing burnout in students and promoting wellbeing in schools! 

The theme for this webinar is all around wellbeing for all and spotting the signs of burn out early in children and educators, taking place on Tuesday 28th March 15:00 UAE/ GST , 12:00 UK. School leaders will then need to know how to treat or manage these issues and how to prevent them. A well-being panel of experts will be discussing everything educators need to know in order to avoid burnout from occurring in staff and students.



Chairperson: Maria Vitoratos, Executive Careers Coach

Maria Vitoratos is a freelance Executive Careers Coach, the Founder of the UAE Careers Community, an author and an avid careers practitioner who engages with colleagues across the globe.  She continues to strive to change the conversation from 'what university degree do you want to complete to what do you want to bring to the world and how can post-secondary experiences and education help you to achieve these career and life goals'? 

Maria is an active member of the global careers education community and finds every opportunity to enrich her skillset so that she can create a career provision that will both prepare and ignite enthusiasm in the youth of her educational institution and the UAE. 

Dr Sadie Hollins, Creator and Editor, Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine

Dr Sadie Hollins has previously worked as a head of the sixth form at a British International School in Thailand. She is the creator and editor of the Wellbeing in International Schools Magazine and co-author of 'Becoming a Totally Inclusive School: A Guide for Teachers and School Leaders'. Sadie now creates content for a university and careers guidance platform for schools.

Beth Kerr, Group Director of Wellbeing, Cognita

Beth Kerr is the Group Director of Wellbeing at Cognita and an experienced media commentator on the well-being of children and young people. She has been responsible for ensuring that Cognita’s approach to student well-being is proactive and empowering for all members of its community. 
Beth believes passionately that wellbeing is neither a privilege nor a lottery ticket, but something that can be influenced by our actions. It is the foundation for learning and thriving and therefore, students must be empowered with the agency to look after their own well-being, in school and beyond it.

Beth is an experienced educational leader specialising in pastoral care and well-being and a Team Inspector at the Independent Schools Inspectorate. She holds an MSc from UCL in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and is passionate about supporting educators and families to improve the well-being of young people today. 

Beth is particularly interested in adolescent neuroscience, how it influences thoughts, behaviour, and actions, and the positive and negative impact of digital habits on young people's physical and mental health. 

Ashley Green, Wellbeing Coach, The Free Spirit Collective

Originally from Scotland, Ashley moved to Dubai 12 years ago to teach full-time within the Emirate, spending the last 8 years teaching in an outstanding primary school. More recently, Ashley achieved a master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching and she is passionate about the well-being and mental health of children and those who care for them. She has now left teaching and works as a well-being coach at The Free Spirit Collective and integrative psychology centre in City Walk Dubai. She has created many resources for educators and parents to share with children to encourage them to flourish. She has also recently published two children’s books which focus on supporting children to discuss feelings and emotions and their character strengths. Ashley believes that the absence of mental illness is not conducive to wellness; everyone can go beyond and flourish in life. Areas of specialization include; primary education, positive psychology and coaching towards the personal goals of clients.

Daniel Adkins CEO, Middle East, Transnational Academic Group

Dan joined Transnational Academic Group Middle-East (formerly, Global Institute Middle-East) in November 2009 to teach in the Foundation and Business programmes. Dan began his career working in the information technology industry. During his time in the IT industry, he performed IT services for companies including IBM, Dell, Clorox, Philips, Hershey’s, Coca-Cola, Merck, and VISA. Over the course of 20 years, Dan held numerous management positions, including CIO and CEO. Before coming to the UAE he worked extensively in the United States, India, Vietnam, the UK, and the Philippines. He has taught IT professionals in various disciplines including project management, quality management, and leadership skills.

After retiring from the IT industry and founding an international school in India, he moved to the UAE in 2007 teaching at the tertiary level. Dan holds an MBA and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Business Research from Herriot-Watt University and has received professional certifications in project management, quality assurance, and TEFL. He has lectured at the university level in IT, economics, accounting, marketing, management, organisational behaviour, entrepreneurship, and law, and has overseen the development of multiple foundation programs. He regularly speaks at public seminars on education and is a TEDx speaker.