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Putting the EZ in Robotics

Putting the EZ in Robotics

The robotics industry is taking the world by storm, impacting all industries and our lives, so we set out to simplify robotics, and we did, conveniently naming our brand "EZ-Robot".

Our robots are incredibly powerful, versatile, and easy to use by everyone, regardless of skill level, to learn how to build and program your own robot.

Though the industry is accelerating at super speed, education has not completely caught up, showing a massive gap between awareness, education, and change. This is where EZ-Robot steps in. We like to think of ourselves as the shifters and change makers, here to bridge the technological gap to equip the next generation with robotics and A.I. literacy, to confidently face the change that is coming. All forms of jobs, from engineering, medicine, fashion, business management, hospitality, transportation, and even law would require knowledge in robotics and A.I.. Robotics will become a universal form of communication, a transformation bigger than anything imaginable.

Our CEO Dennis Kambeitz recognized early on the impact of this industry on the education sector, dedicating the past 8 years of his life to guiding educators and students on the importance of robotics literacy in preparation for the future.

EZ-Robot’s interactive approach to STEM and STEAM education provides students with a hands-on approach to learning using real-world problems while challenging their thinking process from an algorithmic and evaluation perspective. Students' ideas can be programmed into the robot and tested in real-time, giving them the chance to immediately see these ideas come to life.

In the past decade, we’ve seen the growing LOVE for EZ-Robot from students, educators, and parents, and have had the privilege to contribute to, and witness this growth from 20,000 students and educators across 170 countries. Together we are equipping the generations of tomorrow with the right skill-set and attitude for the shift to robotics and A.I.

Our robot’s clip-together assembly encourages creativity, innovation, and design thinking but also doesn’t limit students to just programming and coding due to the versatility of all our hardware and components, that can be used to design and build your own robot or customize any existing EZ-Robot. Students can choose between JD the Humanoid, Roli the Rover, and Six the Hexapod, and get creative, adding a fun element to the learning process, as the programmed results and confidence are immediately visible.

Children as young as 8 years old can even begin learning advanced features such as speech recognition, vision tracking, A.I., and many other skills. There is no limit to critical and creative thinking, and real-life problem solving that the students are exposed to. In March of 2022, a group of 4th and 5th-grade students from The Robotics Club at Rio Vista Elementary School in Tucson, Arizona were inspired by our own robots that they had been coding and programming. The students built “JACZBOT”, a 6-foot Humanoid using EZ-Robot hardware and components, and programmed him to talk, play music, hold items, pose, and even flex his muscles. A very impressive project from 9 to 11-year-olds with no prior robotics exposure before joining the school Robotics Club.

The robotics field is vast, providing depth and opportunity to both explore and change lives, and research has been conducted on how robots are being used in autism therapy across social, emotional, communication, and cognitive skills. Curtin University in Australia, ranked in the top one percent of worldwide universities in 2021 by the ARWU has been announced amongst the finalists for Western Australia’s premier awards event in the ICT industry for their research using our JD Humanoid EZ-Robot. The nomination for the 2022 INCITE award is for their work in: “Evaluating the Usability of Social Robot for use in Teaching Emotion Recognition with Children in Autism Therapy”. The limits to the positive impact of robotics on students has been astounding thus far, and this is barely scratching the surface.

Through the use of EZ-Robots, schools can deliver a world-class engaging robotics education to the maximum number of students across the broadest spectrum of ages and academic abilities, differentiating themselves within their market. We have received feedback from schools that have implemented EZ-Robots into their robotics programs, seeing enrollment increase by up to 1,000% overall. From enrollment in the robotics program, high schools see a 25% to 45% increase, middle schools up to 90% increase, and primary schools a 97% to 98% increase. The interest in robotics is there, but we need to give students relevance, inspire, empower and engage them to uncover their potential.

Educators we work with have seen a link between student confidence resulting in improved academic performance. Girls' interest in robotics has been the highest they have ever seen, student attendance has risen, and they have shown more interest in learning during class, and are more focused and outgoing with their peers. Empowering students with the right skill-set during their developmental stages will not only enrich them from an educational perspective but ready them for tomorrow’s competitive society.