STEM MENA Conference

Register Now For The STEM MENA Online Conference

This fantastic event is brought to you by Teach Middle East Magazine, ExploreLearning among others.

This ground-breaking event will bring together STEM practitioners from all over the world.

The event boasts a very impressive line-up of presenters from the MENA region and further afield. Under the theme: Delivering Effective STEM Education in a Changing World, you will explore cutting edge strategies for engaging learners in STEM education.

You will learn how to effectively deliver a STEM curriculum; online, in the classroom and via a hybrid model.

The event provides a space for you to engage in creative sessions around STEM teaching and learning while exploring ways to enhance the student experience.

Attending the STEM MENA Conference online is a great opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge and confidence.  It is a great way to improve your STEM teaching practice so that you can have a positive impact on the success of your students.

Join us for a mix of; keynote presentations, panel discussions and workshops, delivered via live and on-demand sessions.

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