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Why Educate Children on Crypto Currency?

Why Educate Children on Crypto Currency?

What are the merits of teaching children about Crypto currency.

Cryptocurrency is electronic money that is not owned by any one country. It makes transactions easier and less expensive because there are no banks or middlemen involved in the transaction. Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency, has been around for 10 years. Bitcoin has proven to be a safe way to hold your money with no risk of being stolen by others. Teaching children about cryptocurrency will give them a better understanding of this concept and how it works. Also, it is the future of money so they would be better positioned in the future Cryptocurrency is a type of currency that exists in digital form. All of the transactions for cryptocurrency are recorded in a public ledger, which is called the “blockchain.” Cryptocurrencies are not physical coins like dollars or euros, they are simply coded using cryptography.

The Value of a Cryptocurrency Education: Why it's better for children to be educated about the world we live in.

It is better for children to learn about the world around them, including how cryptocurrency functions. There are many different types of currencies and this knowledge will help them understand what it means to make a purchase or trade. The more they understand, the smarter their decisions will be and the more they'll know about their money and what they can do with it. A cryptocurrency is a form of currency that is not controlled by any government. It can be bought and sold with other cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies, like many types of digital money, allow people to make transactions around the world without costly middlemen such as banks or payment providers.

Why should we teach school children Crypto currency? What is cryptocurrency and why should we teach it to our children?

Children should learn about crypto currency because it is an emerging technology. There are many ways to teach them with analogies or by letting them experience it first hand. -If they're old enough to play video games, they're old enough to start learning about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here is an example of a child in the UK that is creating digital assets and making digital money in the real world. Benjamin Ahmed a 12 year old from the UK create digital wales as NFT and sells it in the real world. You can also teach them about bitcoins with a lesson on how money is made and then let them decide if bitcoin is the way we should be doing it. In order to teach children about crypto currency, we have to provide them with a clear understanding of what it is. Teaching them about the benefits, as well as risks involved in dealing with this type of currency can help children maintain a healthy level of scepticism and be more wary of scams.

How do I get my children involved with crypto?

Children get involved with crypto the same way people get involved with anything: by making a decision. There are many ways they can get involved, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but here are some of the general ways: First of all, you need to set up an account and start buying and talking about crypto. If you just want to give them a taste of it, you can buy them a few dollars worth of bitcoin.

Conclusion: Teaching crypto as an integral part of education will shape the future we want.

Crypto is an emerging topic that can be difficult to understand, but it also has the power to change the world! Think of crypto as a type of money. It shares some characteristics with cash, but it's not tangible, like dollars or coins. It's virtual and has no physical form. You can use it to buy goods and services or invest in companies without paying any fees. That means you can make money on your own terms!

Author: Anju De Alwis, Managing Director, Ultimate Access Education.

Anju is a high performance senior executive with international experience in large multinational corporations. Keynote speaker and founding director of the innovative education company Ultimate Access, based in the United Arab Emirates. Doctoral candidate researching the topic of Blockchain in Education. C-Suite experienced with both finance and Information technology in industries such as audit, consulting, manufacturing, telecommunication, media, oil/gas, airline and education. Experienced in developing networks and partnering with senior executives to carry out research activities related to emerging technologies such as Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning, alternate financing, DeFi (decentralised finance) with industry partnerships. I am a keynote speaker at many technology, finance and education conferences. A regular presenter at both industrial and academic conferences in Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia.